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Top Notch Equipment

We use only 18MP or Higher DSLR cameras and with our professional printers that will have your photos ready in 7 seconds your guests won’t have to wait!


With over 20 backdrops to choose from you’re bound to find the perfect one for your event.

Social Media Kiosks

Don’t let your party be forgotten. Guests will have a blast sharing their photos at the social media kiosks

Unlimited Prints

If 10 people walk into the booth, all 10 are welcome to have a print


Whether lips on a stick, hats, or bearded ladies, our prop table guarantees unforgettable photos every single time.

High Definition TV Display

Fun for the whole party. With our live Slideshow Projection it doesn’t matter if you’re in the booth or outside, you feel the energy.


Your guests can leave a photo and write a fun message next to it and the book will be yours at the end of the event.

Photobooth Attendant

By being in the action suggesting different poses and prop combinations, our attendants are there to make sure that your guests have a blast!

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